$46/£30 Facebook купоны для новых и старых акк. (multiple)

Все купоны поданы

$46 / £30 Facebook vouchers For Old Accounts (multiple)
Спец купоны £30 Facebook.
Неограниченно входят в один аккаунт. Можно создать аккаунты с балансом 500 и более долларов.
Работают по всему миру.
Конвертируются в Вашу валюту.
Действительны до 15 августа 2012.
Работают на аккаунтах где уже вводились ранее купоны.
Работают на новых аккаунтах.
Количество ограниченно.
Самые низкие цены.
Гарантия 7 дней со дня покупки.

Those Special $46 Facebook Vouchers For Old Accounts/Multiple Times — Now Best Prices

We are pleased to announce the vast availability of Special $50 Facebook Vouchers for old and already used vouchers accounts — Multiple times!!. As you may already know, this is the best kind of Facebook voucher available ever — so get them before it ends.

With these Vouchers, you do not have to create the new accounts and get trapped in new account etc problems. Just pick any of your good ‘ol trustworthy running account, and re-use that once more. You can use multiple vouchers in one account and you can top-up your account with any balance like $500 etc with the help of these vouchers — that is just like real money.

If you want to buy, make it fast before the limited stock ends finally. We are offering guaranteed best prices — see yourself

Speciality: Vouchers can be used in any accounts, even old and already voucher redeemed accounts

Worldwide: Yes

General Facebook Terms:
1. Vouchers for both new and old accounts and you can use multiple voucher per account.
2. We are the bulk and major supplier of vouchers only. We do not provide VCC, accounts, tricks or any such stuff.
3. Vouchers are guaranteed for 7 days against invalid/expired codes. We immediately replace or refund any faulty vouchers. But the guarantee does not apply to any ads or account related issues such as ads not running, account banning etc. No voucher seller provides guarantee for these things, they are buyer’s responsibility.

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  1. sergey:

    этих купонов уже нет в продаже?

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