Adwords Vouchers Update: Complete information about the Big changes in Adwords Codes

Dear Fellow Members,

As you may all already know, that Google has rolled out some huge changes in the format of Adwords vouchers recently. Unfortunately, there are still many voucher users here that haven’t understood the whole change pattern completely. I come across to many buyers everyday who are confused about the changes and the usage process of the new vouchers. Hence, I have decided to write an informational post in benefit of every adwords voucher user to help them understand the format, usage and differences of the codes. Please spread the word.

To start, Google started releasing a kind of different vouchers from the middle of this year. The digit pattern was different, the conditions were different and a lot of other things too from the previous «Classic» vouchers. Most of the classic vouchers are expired on 31st October, Although a few of them remaining. The remaining ones are heard to be finally expired on 31st December as Google seems to promote only the new vouchers afterwards. Here is the summary of difference for both vouchers:

«New Format» Adwords Codes:

  1. These vouchers are released from middle of this year.
  2. All new vouchers that will arrive will be these ones
  3. They are usually 14 digits and These vouchers have 3 minus (-) signs
  4. The format for these vouchers go like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX
  5. These vouchers are country restricted. That means, you can only use them with the same country Adwords accounts from where the vouchers are distributed. If you try to use them in other country’s account, you get the error messege » This promotional code does not apply to your region. «
  6. And last but most important, These new vouchers require 25% real money spending. Yes, that means you will need to spend 25% of your real money first, then you will be able to use that promotional code. For example if it’s a $100 voucher, you will need to spend via your credit card 25$ of real money before using the $100 voucher value.
  7. Due to low demand, these vouchers are usually going in cheap prices.

Classic Adwords Codes

  1. These vouchers are the old vouchers that have been running from ages before the change
  2. The supply for these vouchers has stopped and only the stock from previous supply are remaining to the sellers. The remaining ones are considered to expire at 31st december 2012 in order to make way for the new vouchers completely.
  3. They are usually 15 or 16 digits and These vouchers have 4 minus (-) signs
  4. The format for these vouchers go like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX
  5. These vouchers are usually not country restricted and you can use them worldwide.
  6. And finally, these vouchers don’t have any 25% spend requirement.
  7. Due to high demand and low supply, these vouchers are going at high prices than usual.

Now that you are aware of the major changes between the codes, we hope you will be able to make informative decision which ones to buy. Currently in market, 80% of the vouchers are new ones and 20% are the classic ones. We had to make this thread because it had come to our attention that some sellers are fooling the un-informed buyers by selling them the new vouchers codes without telling about the new conditions. The buyer just sees the cheap prices and buys the codes without knowing the country/pre-spending restrictions. Hence for the regular buyers, it is our piece of advice to always confirm the type of vouchers from the seller before the final purchase.