10 Tips for getting your ads approved on Google Adwords
1. First you will need to create a new user from control panel: For windows 7: Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and family
Safety->Add or remove a user account->Create a new account. This is for removing the history and flash cookies. For windows
xp: Start -> Control panel ->User Accounts (Modern View) ->Create a new account -.Type the name and hit next -> After go
back to User accounts, click on the new created account and add a password (in some cases it won’t log in without a
2. You will need a new website every time and after you get approved will be needing to redirect it to the main site. I
would suggest on purchasing cheap .info domain, they are at only 3 USD at godaddy.
3. You will need new web hosting every time, when they review a website they usually check the whois
(whois.domaintools.com and who.is) it is recommended that you get a web host that hosts at least 100 websites on the
server. I would suggest hostgator and select the baby or hatchling plan, and apply a coupon code with a different e-mail
address every time you purchase the hosting, and your exact details (note they will be calling you to verify your identity)
as a physical person. You could also try bluehost.com, and experiment with them, cause they are usually hosting up to 2
million web sites on one server. So there are better chances in this case, though you will need to buy hosting for 1 year
at least, you can’t buy like hostgator for only 1 month and for free (0.01 USD).
4 . Use my client center. ( http://www.google.com/intl/en/adwords/myclientcenter/)
With my client center you won’t need to change your ip every time. Be sure to choose when creating the mcc account
to choose “I am using My client Center for managing others people accounts”. And choose United States and the
currency in USD. As time zone you can choose central time or the appropriate time that matches your ip.
5. You will be needing a VPN, you can either get the VPN from hidemyass.com or ask for a dedicated ip vpn on
strongvpn.com. And Choose on connecting with United States.
6. Now let’s go on with creating the google Adwords account. After you have successfully signed up with mcc and you are
logged in, go to Create new Google Adwords Account, name the account and hit enter. Now click on the new named
account and you just got entered to a normal google Adwords account. Create your campaign, be sure to select United
States and Canada as countries for targeting (after getting approved you can choose any countries you want), choose
”Let google determine my maximum bid according to my budget”, under the budget field type 15 USD per day, I have
tested with this amount and worked quite well. After make you ad group, be sure not to add any words that could be
trademarks (Google, Adwords, Nike, Puma), words like “free” “make money online” under your title, description and
7. After enter your billing details. You can get U.S valid billing address from http://www.fakenamegenerator.com , just
choose American, and as country United States, and hit generate. After you get the billing details be sure to also have
the details under the whois.domaintools.com, because this is how they validate your address. Don’t forget to choose
manual payments and apply the coupon.
8. You can see if you are successful within 2 minutes. If you hover on a keyword, under the “keywords” tab and see the
message “Pending Review” the it’s ok. But if you see the Message “Under review” then the account is compromised,
because they will be adding it to the review for 1-3 days, and usually suspend it. In this case just delete the campaign,
cancel the account from Account Settings, and for removing it from your list from the My client Center account, you will
be needing to create a new google Adwords account and send an invitation from that account, after you can close that
google Adwords account. You can try using the same domain again after 14 days, after that google accounts get’s
permanently deleted.
9. After the balance from the coupon is exhausted you just need to delete the campaign, cancel the account and remove it
with the method from step 8, out of your MCC account.
10. After you just need to wait 14 days and you can also try it with the same website again.
Note: You can try this method with a simple Google Adwords Account, but you will be needing every time a new ip. Of course
it’s a bit more simple when it comes on closing the account, you just need to delete the campaign, deactivate the account from
Account settings and after delete the entire google account, after you can wait 14 days until the entire google account get’s